About Us

Our mission

Dyspraxic Help 4U, located in the South-East of England, is dedicated to bringing the neurological condition into the consciousness of the general public and governing bodies.

We strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within the community by alerting them to the help and entitlements they could be eligible for.

Billy Stanley


I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia in 1994 aged four. 

As I approached my thirties, it was apparent that there were other underlying neurological differences at play, so further investigations led to me getting diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD. 

In 2019 I came up with the idea of forming my own advocacy group called ‘Dyspraxic Help 4U’ which sought to discover hidden opportunities such as entitlements, help and support for those with the hidden disability. 

Other advocates and campaigners for the disability came forward wishing to volunteer their services under the DH4U banner or looking to collaborate with us.

2020 saw DH4U promote and release the single ‘Dyspraxia Ways’ by ‘Dyspraxic Sing Song Mike’ in aid of the charity ‘Equipped4Learning’. The song coincided with ‘Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020’. Dyspraxic singer-songwriter and musician Roy Møller supported this collaborative effort by providing us with a guitar track for the song. 

‘Dyspraxic Awareness Week 2021’ will see ‘Dyspraxic Sing Song Mike’ release a remix of ‘Dyspraxia Ways’ again in aid of ‘Equipped4Learning’. DH4U will be promoting this in proud partnership with ‘Dyspraxic Alliance’ and ‘Dyspraxia Magazine’ 

Dyspraxic Help 4U also started a podcast ‘THE DYSPRAXIC HELP 4U PODCAST’ whereby we interview notable names to discuss their lives and careers whilst living with the disability. 

Fitness enthusiast Mike Nelson has been inviting other dyspraxics to join him virtually to take part in his free ‘Dyspraxic Fitness’ workouts. Having first started in August of 2020 the weekly event celebrated its 100th edition in September of 2021.    

Mike was keen to support others with the disability when it became apparent that people more than ever were struggling both mentally and physically due to the pandemic.

We ‘ve had many attendees join us throughout the past year and it has been a privilege getting to know them along the way. Feedback has shown that regular participants appreciate taking part as doing so has helped with their mental and physical wellbeing. Attendees also remarked on how impressed they were by the fact that they were able to discuss the workout with me privately before deciding whether it was suitable or not for them. As a fitness enthusiast, I urge people to seek medical advice. Additionally, minors are most welcome to do the workout but only when supervised by a parent/guardian.” Mike Nelson

‘Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2021’ also marks the launch of ‘THE DYSPRAXIC HELP 4U FITNESS PODCAST’ with Mike Nelson as the host interviewing other fitness fanatics living with the disability.